Learn more about Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory Systems and Activities . . .

If your mission is to help improve STEM instruction through formal or informal education, ASL simulators and associated classroom and simulator activities can help you succeed.         Please contact us for more information on  how we can help you fulfill your mission.

ASL-NET Systems   ( Mobile Simulators, Built-in Simulators and Cabinets )


Mobile Solutions

Take a fully functional spacecraft flight simulator specifically designed to teach STEM, to schools in your area.

  • 8/16/32 seat designs available
  • Self-contained power, heat & cooling
  • Full experiment instrumentation
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Video conferencing to support  “Corps Networks”
  • Purchase and Lease options available
  • Extensive activity suite included

“Corps Networks” refers to an individual or a group of simulators (i.e. classes) and/or one or multiple Institutional Partners, that might collaboratively or competitively  participate in a joint mission.  Video conferencing is the mechanism through which the participants interact.


Built-in Solutions

Built-in versions provide your facility with a ship that supports  public STEM exposure and student instruction.

  • Designed to fit your space and budget
  • Experiment package options
  • “Corps Networks” support
  • Extensive activity suite included



Cabinet Solutions

Cabinet versions provide your facility with a flexible STEM education presentation system for small groups.

  • “Corps Networks” support
  • Extensive activity suite included


Corps of Discovery Simulator and Classroom Activities



K-8th Grade Short Duration Programs

  • Duration by grade ( 15 to 55 min )
  •   (K-4) Reading  and activities to  introduce the planets  and other astronomical objects
  •         (5-8) Designed to meet select middle school math and science standards


6-8th Grade Long Duration Programs

  •       Multi-hour duration
  •  Project-based STEM activities integrated into a dramatic story 
  • Corps of Discovery Academy programs




K-8th Grade Corps of Discovery Academy

  •    After school access to Short  and Long Duration programs
  • Offered as discrete activities or complete courses with Academy “degrees” for successful completion



9th – 12th Grade Programs in Development

  • To meet select high school math and science standards







About our team . . .

Inspired by the 1804 Lewis and Clark Expedition (the original Corps of Discovery) and the ever-popular Star Trek franchise, TREC – Technical Research & Engineering Company has well over 10 man-years invested in the development of its Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory – Networked Education Technology (ASL-NET).

Using ASL-NET as the starting platform, TREC’s goal is to build STEM-oriented story-based virtual learning adventures where in students can explore, discover and learn STEM.  By allowing students to play the roles of scientists and engineers in Corps of Discovery stories, TREC hopes to inspire students to pursue studies and careers in the STEM fields. 

Corps of Discovery learning adventures (a continuing series of STEM-oriented stories) will be constructed in partnership with institutions specializing in specific STEM fields.  The University of Arizona’s College of Science Biosphere 2 facility is TREC’s first institutional partner. 

With customers in 4 states, TREC plans to expand current operations by offering Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory simulators along with standards-compliant STEM education programs based on its Corps of Discovery concept. 

TREC’s founder and President, Rick Gutridge has a B.S. Engineering Physics from the University of Arizona and has worked in the aerospace industry for over 30 years in various engineering capacities. 

Rick’s partner Rich Holzli (Chief Executive Officer) likewise has a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Arizona and  multiple years  experience in aerospace engineering and  business management. 

Together with their experienced team of advisors, their focus is to help improve math and science instruction in schools across the nation.