Explore raising student interest  and proficiency in STEM . . .

To effectively teach math and science to today’s students, something more engaging than contemporary instructional techniques is required.   The Corps ( pronounced ‘core’ ) is a leading-edge approach to  STEM learning that uses flight simulators, partners at nationally recognized research facilities and  Star Trek – like story telling to raise student interest and achievement in math and science. 

Designed around TREC’s Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory, a fully functional research spacecraft flight simulator, the Corps of Discovery creates an engaging virtual future where in students can Explore, Discover and Learn from the convenience of their school parking lot.



Passion – the path of least resistance to proficiency.

By integrating project-based learning with realistic simulations and compelling action-adventure stories, ASL-NET and the Corps of Discovery ignite in students a passion for math and science that will ultimately lead to improved proficiency.



                               “We learn by doing.”
                 – Captain James T. Kirk    . . . 2285