Discover how others describe this effective STEM education system . . .

The Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory system supports a variety of K-12 education experiences, from reading activities for K-3 students to the Corps of Discovery;  a unique STEM-rich education experience presently designed for middle-school students.  But no matter their age, the Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory leaves many students wondering – “Are we really in space?

When asked about the Corps of Discovery, 98% of students said they would recommend “The Corps” to their fellow classmates and 80% indicated their experience increased their interest in math and science.  Here’s a sample of comments about ASL-NET and the Corps of Discovery.

              “. . . the Spaceflight Lab is truly an amazing tool for inspiring, engaging and educating students, literally of all ages.”

–  Paul McFarlane, Director of Education Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada


“Having seen and done presentations to students nationwide in over 30 years of space activism, the capabilities of the Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory have impressed me.   It is perhaps the most effective, mobile, and cost efficient STEM program I’ve seen in all those years.”

–  Greg Rucker, former Vice President National Space Society

 “During the Corps of Discovery Camp students are immersed in science and math. They not only have skills reinforced, but they learn how those skills relate in the areas of exploration, engineering, and navigation. The connections for students are relevant and powerful!”

– Mrs. Skully, 3rd Grade Teacher   ( and Corps of Discovery Middle-School Camp Counselor )


“For 2 years the Corps of Discovery Program has come to Benchmark School to provide engaging interactive STEM activities for our elementary students. The lessons have complimented our school’s classroom instruction, providing an educational “adventure in space” the children talk about for many weeks. The students have grade appropriate instruction that helps them analyze their position within our solar system, collect real data, expand their math skills, and practice interpersonal relations while they cooperate as a scientific team. We proudly endorse this program and intend to continue this program every year.”

– Heather Rheinfelder, Science Director, Benchmark School


                        The Corps of Discovery Camps challenge students to utilize their science and math skills in new ways as they explore the universe.  As students travel in Voyager to the planets, they gain experience in leadership, engineering and navigation.  Students leave with curiosity  and a desire to learn more about their world.  

– Mrs. Ridgeway, 8th Grade Teacher ( and Corps of Discovery Middle-School Camp Counselor )


“Thank you for the fun, learning-packed adventure to space.  My students and I enjoyed it.”

– Mrs. Witt, 2nd Grade Teacher

  “I had so much fun and hope to attend this academy next year.”   –  Sierra, 7th Grader

          “Dear Captain of the Voyager thank you for taking us to see the planets they were so cool.  The adventure to space was cool.”  –  Danielle, 2nd Grader     

             “I thought this camp was an amazing learning experience.”   –   Elijah, 7th Grader

  “I had an absolutely fantastic time! . . . I would LOVE to volunteer here to help out with the program!”   –   Anissa, 8th Grader